OpenLogic by Perforce Expands Java Support Offering with Trusted Distributions of OpenJDK

Minneapolis, August 4, 2020 – 
OpenLogic by Perforce, the leading provider in agnostic open source support, now provides an enterprise-class alternative to Oracle Java by offering the most widely-used OpenJDK distributions backed by OpenLogic support. 

The expansion of OpenLogic’s Java Support offering with OpenJDK builds follows an overall growth trend for the business of almost 40% since its acquisition by Perforce Software in March 2019. This success has been underpinned by growth in the customer base, increased services and strategic partnerships with open source industry leaders.

“With organizations deploying several open source packages in production environments, managing the technology stack with multiple support vendors has become unsustainable,” said Tim Russell, Chief Product Officer at Perforce. “OpenLogic provides product-agnostic, consolidated open source support so companies can reduce to one vendor for their entire stack. This enables organizations to simplify issue resolution and receive unbiased innovation guidance, while cutting costs and risks so they can confidently deploy open source in business critical systems.”

In addition to supporting their own OpenJDK builds, OpenLogic also offers commercial support for all Java distributions, including Adopt OpenJDK, IBM, and Oracle's Java. Java support from OpenLogic includes security patches and bug fixes, in addition to guidance for the usage and administration of Java and the JVM.

“The licensing changes from Oracle have left many organizations looking for guidance on Java alternatives” explained Justin Reock, Chief Architect for OpenLogic at Perforce. “Because OpenLogic supports all Java, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations better understand their Java needs today vs tomorrow, reduce their TCO, and plan their overall open source strategy moving forward.”   

OpenLogic’s OpenJDK builds are fully compliant with the Java SE specifications. All JDKs and JREs are verified with an inhouse test suite that validates execution. OpenLogic provides and supports free distributions for Linux, Windows, and MacOS. These distributions will be updated quarterly, with critical security patches on-demand.

The OpenLogic OpenJDK distributions are available from the OpenLogic website at After downloading an OpenJDK build, your team can choose to connect with an OpenJDK expert from OpenLogic if you’re looking to get support. 

In addition to supporting OpenJDK, OpenLogic provides commercial support for over 400 open source packages and common Java stack elements including Spring, ActiveMQ, Tomcat, JBoss/Wildfly, Kafka, Camel and CentOS. 

About OpenLogic 
OpenLogic provides enterprise-level support and services for organizations using open source software as part of their infrastructure and application stacks. 

OpenLogic’s team of experienced enterprise architects delivers commercial SLAs for critical open source packages including key enterprise components and platforms such as CentOS, OpenJDK, Jenkins CI, Apache, Docker, and Kubernetes. 

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