Change Management Is Easy With Surround SCM

Surround SCM integrates with many popular IDEs and development tools for seamless change management support. Microsoft Office and operating system integrations make change management accessible to all departments in your company.

Surround SCM API

Surround SCM's open API enables you to write applications that access branches, repositories, and files on the Surround SCM Server using the C, .NET, and Java programming languages. Use the API to retrieve files to your build machine, pass code to a code review tool, or integrate Surround SCM with other tools in your development lifecycle.

Documentation: Using the Surround SCM API
Documentation: Using the Surround SCM CLI

Integrated Development Environments

Operating Systems

Direct access to files managed in Surround SCM is available from the following operating systems:

  • Windows Explorer
  • macOS Finder

Compatible with Tools Using Microsoft SCCI

Surround SCM conforms to the Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (SCCI) standard, and can be integrated with many Windows IDEs, defect tracking tools, and other applications that support SCCI.

Issue/Defect Tracking Tools

The following server-side plug-ins provide integration of third-party issue tracking applications into Surround SCM. Issues in the third-party application can then be viewed and fixed from the Surround SCM Client:

Build Tools

Surround SCM is supported by the following build and release management tools:

Diff/Merge Tools

While Surround SCM includes Guiffy SureMerge, it also supports the following diff/merge applications:

  • Araxis Merge
  • Athlant Personal Edition
  • BBEdit (for diff/merge)
  • Elli√© Computing Merge
  • Beyond Compare
  • Microsoft Word Compare

Other Applications

Surround SCM is supported by the following applications and integration technologies:

Many applications can also be integrated with Surround SCM when Microsoft SQL Server is used for data storage: