According to the 2016 Life Sciences Product Development Survey, the life sciences industry lags behind other fields in streamlining development processes, integrating work, and adopting modern traceability tools.

Combined, these three areas help facilitate the visibility needed for integrating risk and analyzing coverage for better decision-making during research and development phases. Weaknesses in these areas, therefore, can have an enormous impact on product development.

Larger life science companies struggle the most with increasing this visibility. Often, these companies rely on older technology and do not take a top-down, holistic approach to solving and establishing traceable visibility throughout development.

It’s also clear that the larger a company is, the more difficult it is to meet the business needs of individual departments. Communication breakdowns are also more common in larger companies.

This was the fifth year we surveyed product development professionals in the life sciences industry. We received global responses from professionals at all levels and roles.