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DevOps is an effective method for software development and delivery. In fact, success in the digital economy is predicated on an ability to deliver software at scale.

To succeed, however, DevOps must permeate throughout the entire organization – from developers and operations to security and end users. With today’s highly distributed work environment, this can be difficult to achieve – especially in a cost-effective manner.

This brief outlines 10 ways organizations can scale DevOps from a specific project phase or department to the enterprise. Specifically, the discussion focuses on the central issues hindering organizations from adopting a widespread DevOps mind-set and quick tips to deploy DevOps at scale:

  • Invest in a DevOps platform that provides limitless integration capabilities and supports distributed teams.
  • Break down functional silos that prohibit collaboration throughout the software lifecycle.
  • Reduce tool sprawl while ensuring teams have the resources to develop, deploy and managed software effectively.
  • Build a workplace culture that nurtures and supports DevOps.
  • Automate processes to the greatest extent possible (e.g. testing) and create development pipelines that promote continuous integration and continuous delivery.

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