Why Ex-SVN Users Switched to Helix Core

Teams Lose SVN and Gain Speed, Scale, and Security

Many teams start on SVN because it’s open source. But as they grow, SVN can’t keep up.

The companies below outgrew SVN and needed to find something scalable. With faster performance. And they needed something that met their security and regulation needs.

Learn how indie game studios, enterprise software companies, and even a multinational energy company all overcame their development challenges by switching to Helix Core.

Drake Software

Drake Software

Tax Preparation Software for Tax Professionals

Drake needed a version control solution that met the demands of financial compliance and auditing. And their development teams needed a unified solution for greater productivity. But that’s not what they were getting with SVN. The solution? Upgrading to Helix Core.

With Helix Core, Drake has:

  • A scalable solution they won’t outgrow
  • Superior IP protection
  • Rapid compliance auditing
  • Comprehensive change traceability

"Perforce nails rock-solid version control right out of the box, with hands down the best performance I’ve seen from any version control product. We pretty much walked out of the Stone Age and into the light."
Jay Eager, Senior Programmer at Drake Software
Tequila Works

Tequila Works

Video Game Developer

Like many video game developers, Tequila Works has massive files. And SVN? Not cutting it. They needed a VCS that could handle 400,000 files and 40 GB of data. And they needed a tool that enhanced collaboration. Their solution? Helix Core. By updating their VCS, they got:

  • Scalability for growing repositories
  • Powerful branching strategies
  • Support for global teams

“With Helix Core, we achieved a full return on our investment within one year. Helix Core does exactly what we need it to do. And its performance is superior to other products."
Jesus Martinez, Producer at Tequila Works
A Multinational Energy Company

A Multinational Energy Company

Global Energy Company

This multinational energy company has a large, global team of developers. And SVN? Not really designed for remote teams. By adopting Helix Core, this multinational energy company got:

  • Improved change management
  • Ensured compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • Single source version control
  • Cohesive code collaboration
  • Decreased administration costs

“We’ve improved ten-fold by adopting Perforce.”
Software Engineer at a multinational energy company
Tarsier Studios

Tarsier Studios

Independent Development Studio

As Tarsier Studios grew, so did their VCS needs. A few of the challenges they faced with SVN? Developers lacked an overall view of projects. Code was mismanaged. Code was spread out on developers’ individual workstations. And files with various formats were kept in different places.

The benefits of upgrading to Helix Core included:

  • Simple backup and recovery solutions
  • Unparalleled technical support
  • Team collaboration
  • Improved productivity

“We’ve invested heavily in establishing the right infrastructure so that our time can be devoted to development work. Using Helix Core is an excellent example of this – we don’t need to think about it; it just works.
Andreas Johnsson, Technical Director at Tarsier Studios


Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer

In today’s vehicles, software is as important as hardware. Another critical element for automotive manufacturers? Ensuring they’re compliant with regulations such as MISRA and ISO26262. For Scania, compliance was a main consideration when they left SVN.

Why did Scania choose Helix Core?

  • Auditability crucial for regulatory compliance
  • Unrivalled scalability
  • Full integration with other tools
  • Flexible range of features
  • Rapid and high-volume version control
  • Installation with minimal disruption

“Using Helix Core means that all versions of our products are traceable and auditable. This is key for complying with the various industry regulations.”
Lennart Kjellén, Configuration Manager at Scania
Warhorse Studios

Warhorse Studios

Video Game Developer

In the beginning, Warhorse Studios stored code in Mercurial and binary files in SVN. When that was too inconvenient, they started looking for a new VCS. Warhorse Studios chose Helix Core for:

  • Storing binary files
  • Integration with build tools
  • Disaster recovery
  • Enabling Agile workflows and Continuous Integration
  • Integration with other build tools
Ravn Studio

Ravn Studio

Independent Game Development Studio

For Ravn, using SVN worked well in the early stages. But as projects expanded, performance was affected. Ravn chose Helix Core because of its performance, but they’ve experienced many other benefits since upgrading. Some of the benefits they’ve seen with Helix Core include:

  • Scaled implementation – beyond what they thought was possible
  • Adding changelists without adding extra risk
  • Removing the need for third-party tools by adding jobs feature
  • Built-in bug tracking

“Moving to Helix Core has been a major help in achieving what we want to do faster and better. The performance is unbelievable."
Morten Brenna, Lead Programmer at Ravn Studio

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