Perforce Helix Protects Enterprise
IP for Security & Compliance

Enterprise-Grade Security & Compliance

Perforce Helix is the World's Most Securable Version Control System

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Security and Compliance Features

Access Control

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Fine-Grained Access Control

Enterprise organizations rely on collaborative, distributed teams accessing sensitive IP from many locations. To avoid data leaks from malicious or negligent employees, and to optimize for product-critical compliance, DevOps teams must secure their code and grant users access to only the intellectual property that they need.

With Helix, admins can control access as granularly as needed—down to the repository, branch, directory, or even individual file. Helix admins can also control how users complete work with command rights that deny or allow users to read, write, or open files.

Traceability & Auditability

Enterprise organizations must ensure their products pass compliance standards from regulators – such as diagnostic medical devices or safety components built for cars. Helix makes it easy with leading audit tools to provide a clear history of your project assets. Discover who changed what, when they changed it, and where they were, with an indelible history across your entire workflow.

The Revision Graph in Helix offers a bird's-eye view of a file's history, displaying branching structures, code migration, and file actions. And with the Time Lapse View, you can easily conduct IP data audits that contrast all versions of a file in one window.

Flexible Authentication

The first line of defense in IP security is knowing who is trying to get in. DevOps organizations must optimize how their internal teams access IP while eliminating unwanted user access.

Perforce Helix provides support and integration with multi-factor authentication tools to support IP security in the enterprise. With Helix, you can implement custom protocols, including two-way authentication, external trigger support, and direct integration with LDAP/Active Directory.

Password Security Features

The most basic, yet essential security requirement in the enterprise is a strong password. Helix supports stronger password protocols, in addition to increasing levels of comprehensive security, customizable with time-limited authentication, minimum password length, and password expiration timeframes. Admins can even designate rules and procedures for individual users.

Secure Replication

Admins are often wading through a sea of data logs to detect legitimate threats and discard the noise of false alerts. With Helix, organizations can preempt these risks by securing file transfer among replica servers. Admins can restrict replica server access to remote offices and external partners while also controlling where content revisions are pushed.

Helix also supports industry-standard SSL encryption for IP secure communications and file transfers between globally dispersed teams.

Behavioral Analytics Integration

Protecting critical IP in the enterprise requires a data-centric approach. Many organizations are investing in a variety of information security and compliance tools to implement data insights across their networks and applications.

Helix allows you to leverage those investments through a number of APIs, SDKs and existing integrations with behavioral analytics tools.