The Top Secret project at Luna keeps growing in complexity. So, the team decided to simplify and accelerate their development process. They’re combining Hansoft, their Agile planning tool, with the world’s fastest version control, Perforce Helix Core.

Luna developers are using the real-time, two-way integration between Hansoft and Helix Core. They’re connecting each and every submit to their related To-Do item in Hansoft.

This way, they can use the version control tool they love, while Rikard, the product owner, and other stakeholders, can plan and manage progress in Hansoft.

Let’s walk through the simple installation process, and see what the integration looks like in practice.


Installing the Integration

To take advantage of the Helix Core integration, you first need the SDK module that comes with paid Hansoft licenses.

You have the module if you can create SDK Users when you’re logged in as the user Administrator in Hansoft. Can’t see it? Contact our friendly support team.

  1. First, download and install the Hansoft Helix Core integration available on
    1. In the configuration file, specify the location of your Hansoft server.
  2. Then, go to Hansoft to set up the configuration through global settings in the Admin view.
  3. You can override these settings to each local project view. If you want to integrate a specific project view with Helix core – for example, one planning view with one Helix Core Server – first add the SDK user to the project. Then, in that view, go to “More > Customize Project Integration Settings”.


Using the Integration

The two-way integration between Hansoft and Helix Core (and its built-in code review tool, Swarm) makes updating and tracking tasks efficient, transparent, and traceable.

Let’s start in the Planning view in Hansoft, where scrum teams plan their sprint.

  1. Create tasks (or bugs) in the Sprint backlog.
  2. Then, when developers submit code in P4v, they can go to the Jobs section, where they’re able to identify the Hansoft task it corresponds to.
  3. Select the file associated with the task. Once you have made changes to the file, submit a changelist. Write a description of the changes, link it to the job and update the status.
  4. See the update in Hansoft immediately, along with any comments.
  5. Click the link for insight on the review process in Swarm – the code review tool that comes with Helix Core.
  6. Go to the “Jobs” view to see all tasks, and any column, currently in Hansoft.
  7. Prefer working in the command line? You can also update Hansoft from there using the p4 job command.




Planning and developing products is simple, fast, and easy when you combine Hansoft with Perforce Helix Core. Team members can update Hansoft quickly from the comfort of their preferred version control. Planners and managers can watch progress happen in real-time.

Want to learn more about using Hansoft? Visit for Hansoft documentation & other resources.