Different skills have different needs when it comes to planning. For a coder it may make perfect sense to plan work in two-week sprints, but for an artist, an asset may take longer than two weeks to complete.

How do you allow different skills to plan the way that works best for them? Some studios may choose to open up for flexibility – do whatever you like! But that tends to cause issues with alignment and siloes of data, resulting in loss of vision. Lost vision in the sense that it is difficult to understand, but also — and maybe more importantly — the risk of losing the vision of what the game will be.

With the right approach, however, you can avoid these obstacles. Join backlog expert Johan Karlsson to learn:

  • The balance of team autonomy and alignment.
  • How to use the product backlog to align the project vision.
  • How to use tools to support the flexibility you need.

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