From Multithreading Support to Compliance Coverage

You use Helix QAC (formerly QAC/QAC++) to find coding errors and comply with standards faster.

But have you heard about the compliance, performance, and productivity enhancements we’ve made over the last few releases?

For example…

Our latest release — Helix QAC 2019.1 — includes support for multithreading. Expanded compliance coverage. And an improved desktop server integration.

So, join us to learn about:

  • New features in Helix QAC 2019.1 (including multithreading support).
  • Recent features from our 2018 releases (including a new CWE C++ compliance module).
  • How to get started with the latest version.

To download the latest version of Helix QAC, contact support. Once you do, you'll receive an email from our team with download instructions.


If you would like to see the latest Helix QAC features, be sure to sign up for a demo.

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