What’s New in Helix QAC 2.4?

Helix QAC 2.4 adds a CWE C++ compliance module. And it updates compliance coverage, performance, and productivity.

What’s New in Helix QAC 2.4?

Add the New CWE C++ Compliance Module

Identify CWE C++ security weaknesses in your code. And map Helix QAC for C++ diagnostics to CWE list entries.

Additional Compliance Updates

Helix QAC 2.4 includes additional compliance updates:

  • Better coverage for AUTOSAR C++, MISRA C, and CERT C/C++.
  • Parser support for C11 and more modern C++ features.

Performance and Productivity Enhancements

Helix QAC 2.4 also includes updates for better performance and greater productivity, such as:

  • IDE plug-in support for Eclipse Photon
  • Report analysis times per file

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