With significant investments of both time and resources placed on the database infrastructure for applications, organizations are looking for new ways to innovate quickly without having to rewrite code. 

In many application development teams, there is only one person who can update complex code. This leads to teams spending too much time attempting knowledge transfer, re-writing code to be clearer, and stepping through lines of code trying to understand what someone else wrote. 

SourcePro saves time, increases readability, and maximizes the re-use of code. This is done by providing an easy-to-use API that insulates the developer from many of the complexities of the underlying database access layer — allowing the developer to focus on implementing important application functionality.

Watch David Ritter, Principal Software Engineer and Ben Gomez, SourcePro Product Manager at Perforce as they cover: 

  • Introduction to SourcePro for Open Source databases: MariaDB, MySQL, and PostgreSQL.
  • How SourcePro helps businesses reduce costs, protect investments, and innovate rapidly.
  • Walkthrough an example comparing using the MySQL C API and SourcePro DB including:
    • Executing a query with input parameters
    • Retrieving results data.

Learn more about SourcePro DB and SourcePro OSD.


Ben Gomez

Ben Gomez

Product Manager, Perforce Software

Ben Gomez has spent almost 15 years in software organizations developing high performance analytics tools.  He has a background in C++, Java, Data Engineering, and some predictive modeling.  Ben has a passion for making customers successful using his products.  He has worked on use cases that range from Oil and Gas development to High Frequency trading.  His current role as Product Manager for many of the Perforce components provides him with a good mix of complex use cases, research, and planning for the future needs of today’s most important companies.

David Ritter

David Ritter

Principal Software Developer, SourcePro and HydraExpress at Perforce

With over 20 years of experience developing SourcePro, David continues to contribute to the ongoing stability, safety, and security of many of the products in the Perforce portfolio.