Game development is always evolving and adapting to new technology. That is why we surveyed professionals from indies to AAAs to learn more about emerging trends and challenges in the industry.

Join our Director of Product Marketing Katie Cole and Chief Technology Officer Brad Hart as they discuss:

  • The growing popularity of Cloud Streaming.
  • How team dynamics have changed with creatives becoming the new majority.
  • Why sharing and reusing creative assets will be central to collaboration efforts.

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Katie Cole Headshot — 250x250

Katie Cole

Gaming Evangelist and Director of Product Marketing for Helix Core, Perforce

Katie is a product and marketing strategist who has spent over a dozen years helping high-tech companies get their solutions into the hands of the people who need them most.

Brad Hart

Brad Hart

VCS Chief Technology Officer, Perforce Software

As the CTO of version control, Brad is responsible for the product strategy of the Perforce version control product suite – including Helix Core, Helix4Git, Swarm, and other clients and plugins. Brad has more than 20 years of experience in high-tech companies focused on optimizing development pipelines. He specializes in software engineering process, design, and implementation.