Game Development Survey 2023

For our 2023 State of Game Development & Design Report, we surveyed video game development professionals from across the globe about their leading development challenges, the tools and processes they use, and what excites them the most about the industry right now. This year, we partnered with Incredibuild to bring game creators a report that is packed with data points about the high-level direction of the industry.

Some of our key findings included

  • Talent acquisition and retention is now the #1 development challenge for game creators, according to 32% of respondents.
  • Fewer respondents said they are developing AR and VR games this year (13%) compared to last year (28%).
  • AAAs cite lengthy build times and not having enough time to iterate as their top challenges to development velocity.  
  • Across the board, game creators are excited about the rapid development of technologies that will change the way they work.

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