Join Mark Holland, Head of Content Management at DNEG and Dimension, and Jase Lindgren, Solutions Engineer at Perforce, as they demonstrate fundamental techniques for working with Unreal Engine and Helix Core in live environments. As a leader in one of the most in-demand virtual production and VFX studios, Mark will walk you through real-world workflows and processes used by DNEG in productions such as Disney's Pinocchio and Ellie Goulding's “Like a Saviour” music video.

You’ll walk away with knowledge of advanced version control best practices, including:

  • How to structure and set up your projects for multi-vendor collaboration.
  • How to think about your data, including advanced Stream structures used by DNEG.
  • How to work with Unreal for enterprise media & entertainment projects.
  • How to enable collaboration, asset management, and configure multi-user backups.

Get the Version Control Used by Top Studios

Industry-leading virtual production teams like DNEG need industry-leading version control Helix Core. Our tool has the endless scalability and secure collaboration you need to create at the next level. 


Jase Lindgren

Jase Lindgren

Visual Effects Specialist and Solutions Engineer for Helix Core

Jase is passionate about all things VFX. Being involved in the film and television industry for over a decade, he has worked on projects that have been viewed by people around the world. With Perforce, Jase is helping transform workflows, providing VFX, animation, virtual production, and game developers with the tools to improve productivity and quality-of-life in future projects.

Mark Holland

Mark Holland

Head of Content Management, DNEG and Dimension

Mark has a decade of experience delivering Unreal projects at scale within live environments, for enterprise, media, and entertainment. He’s the Head of Content Management at DNEG and Dimension. He’s involved in many cutting-edge film and episodic series that are pushing the industry forwards.