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IP Lifecycle Management

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“Methodics IPLM offered a powerful solution by providing use with a collaborative platform to perform IP reuse more efficiently and in a sustainable, scalable way.”

— Rick Stawicki, Executive Director, EDA Engineering, Maxim Integrated

Why Top Semiconductor Companies Trust Perforce

The world’s best semiconductor companies trust Perforce solutions to meet time-to-market demands and generate more revenue faster. With Methodics IPLM and Helix Core, you can:

Lower Costs

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Reduce Risk

Ensure Security

Maintain Full Traceability

Support Large Analog & Digital IC Designs

Share Designs And IPs

Create an IP Catalog

Secure and Share

Evolve Your IP Model to Maximize Reuse

Learn how to unite hardware and software teams by reusing IP.

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How Perforce Solutions Help Semiconductor Companies

Here’s how Methodics IPLM and Helix Core help top semiconductor companies.

IP Lifecycle Management

Methodics IPLM ensures complete visibility into the state and usage of IP from the moment it enters the system until an SoC is delivered.

Methodics IPLM supports:

  • Advanced tracking and management of the IP release flow across multiple projects.
  • Global workspace management
  • IP bill of materials (BoM) management across the organization.

Design Data Management

Helix Core can handle the large number of files associated with IPs and analog chip design files.  That’s why companies like Samsung — and almost all of the leading companies using semiconductor design software — use Helix Core. It manages all files – regardless of type, size, and quantity.

With Methodics IPLM and Helix Core, everything is automatically abstracted from the design teams. This creates a seamless IP catalog with all IP available on demand from a central location.

“Now it's easy for us to accomplish common storage tasks like volume expansion and backup. We don't have to pay someone else a fortune to do it."

— Kelly Alexander, Manager of Engineering Services at Nvidia

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Leaders in semiconductor development trust Perforce.

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