August 12, 2014

Active Directory & LDAP Authentication Without Triggers

MERGE User Conference

As organizations expand, IT departments struggle more and more with trying to keep separated silos of user credentials in sync with each other. The common solution is to use a directory server like Active Directory or OpenLDAP, which support a standard protocol: LDAP. Perforce has supported integrating with these user directories for many years through the use of authentication triggers; however, these triggers can be non-trivial to implement and hard to test and maintain. Happily, these triggers will soon be a thing of the past!

In our presentation, Nick Poole and I will introduce the new native LDAP integration coming in the Perforce Server 2014.2 release and demonstrate how easy it will be to use. We will cover:

  • OpenLDAP and Active Directory examples
  • Supporting user directories spread across multiple directory servers
  • Handling non-LDAP users (typically non-human background users)
  • Simple authorization with LDAP group filters

Come to MERGE 2014 and learn how you can benefit from the new native LDAP integration in the next release of the Perforce Server.