Helix Authentication Service (HAS)

Helix Authentication Service (HAS) enables you to integrate certain Perforce products with your organization's Identity Provider (IdP).

It currently supports the OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0 authentication protocols. It can be used in conjunction with Helix Core (including clients and plugins), Hansoft, Helix ALM, and Surround SCM. When used in conjunction with Helix Core, it requires the use of the Helix Authentication Extension.

This service is internally certified with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD), Okta, and Google Identity. It is also known to be compatible with other IdPs such as Auth0, OneLogin, and Google G-Suite.

Helix Authentication Service completely replaces the now-retired Helix SAML Desktop Agent and reduces the need for Helix MFA Authenticator as most customers using an IdP use the IdP to perform 2FA.

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