November 18, 2015

Announcing New Training Course: "Perforce Helix Git Tools Boot Camp”

Git at Scale

You may have seen our recent announcements for Git Swarm and how it fosters developer collaboration and enables easy project and team management. Based on GitLab, it automatically synchronizes Git repos with the Helix mainline repository for greater security and scalability.

To help you come up to speed with using GitSwarm and the underlying Git Fusion bridge, we are pleased to announce a new half-day training course titled “Helix Git Tools Boot Camp”. It is delivered by one of our expert Professional Services consultants via Webex and a Cloud-based lab environment, with attendees having ample opportunity to ask any questions. Topics included are:

  • An overview of Distributed Version Control (DVCS) Workflows
  • Helix Git Tools Overview
  • Installing Helix Git Swarm
  • Hybrid version control and one source of truth
  • Hands-on lab exercises:
    • Clone and get started
    • Pull and push
    • Code review with Git Swarm
    • and more.

The first class is scheduled for December 4, 9am–1 pm PT. Check out the course schedule for more details and registration information. If you have any questions, just email [email protected].