December 28, 2017

Manage User Permissions to the Rest of Your Toolchain Directly From Helix TeamHub

Continuous Integration

We just wrapped up a webinar that formally introduced Helix TeamHub, our comprehensive code hosting and collaboration platform. The webinar focused on aspects of the tool that developers find helpful – hence the webinar’s title: Why Developers Love Helix TeamHub. In addition to scaling Git and accommodating multiple repos and repository types, Helix TeamHub offers robust self-service project administration capabilities, which are highly coveted by users.   

Developers Need Resources and Access

Projects are being created more frequently, new teams are forming, and developers commonly need access rights to more than one project — with varying roles from one to the next.

However, bandwidth to handle such seemingly trivial requests is limited, and so is patience waiting for them to be fulfilled. One day of delay in a project with five or 10 contributors can be quite costly. As a result, self-service administration has become a requirement, not a nice-to-have feature.

Prior to code hosting platforms, one had to create a ticket to request a staffer in IT to perform these tasks and everything associated with setting up a new project, which could involve touching multiple systems.

Code Hosting Fosters Self-Service Project Administration

Thanks to code hosting tools, self-service project administration functionality allows a person with proper credentials to create a project with full administrator privileges. In addition to creating the necessary repositories and the project structure, the administrator can invite others to the project and set permissions based on roles – for all of the various tools and systems.

And, all of this configuration happens with a few clicks.

Helix TeamHub lets developers perform administrative tasks from a Quick Action menu
Helix TeamHub lets developers perform most administrative tasks from a Quick Action menu.

Beyond just allowing for the basic administration elements described above, Perforce has created several additional ways to bolster self-service project administration with Helix TeamHub Enterprise, our on-premises code hosting and collaboration solution.

With Helix TeamHub, developers switch from using disparate, siloed tools, to a self-service platform that simplifies developer access to other important tools such as Jira or Jenkins.

To accomplish this, Helix TeamHub Enterprise has implemented several great features that provide maximum flexibility:

  • SSO with SAML 2.0: Support for SSO with SAML 2.0, which you can use to streamline access from your own tools or from an enterprise access control system.
  • Password Authentication: Controls how users are registered and login to the system. This can either be via built-in password control or via LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) integration.
  • Helix TeamHub LDAP Sync: Keeps Helix TeamHub up to date with your corporate directory.
  • Helix TeamHub LDAP Interface: Can actually host an LDAP directory and allow other tools to authenticate and provide user access based on the authority of Helix TeamHub-provided metadata.

With LDAP, access to Helix TeamHub is granted or revoked via metadata maintained in enterprise-IT-owned and controlled systems. This lets you take care of common needs like adding and deleting employees.

Helix TeamHub Enterprise as Authentication Provider!

One of the most unique features of Helix TeamHub Enterprise LDAP capabilities is that you can use Helix TeamHub as an authentication provider.  This is a really powerful feature as it reduces the administrative overhead by centralizing the management of other tools in the environment. For example, you can use Helix TeamHub Enterprise to gate access to Jira and Jenkins. Here’s an example of a user entry. OpenLDAP may be used as a base configuration if the tool provides pre-configured settings. Helix TeamHub LDAP interface supports read-only access.

Helix TeamHub LDAP interface supports read-only access.


Self-Service and DevOps

In today’s highly complex and fast-paced environment, code hosting platforms like Helix TeamHub offer developers highly sought after fine-grained administrator privileges. In addition to fostering autonomous development, project administration features like LDAP configuration grant development teams greater control over their entire toolchain, which is pivotal to achieving DevOps at scale.

To learn more about the unique benefits you can achieve with Helix TeamHub Enterprise, watch our Webinar, “Why Developers Love Helix TeamHub” or register for the upcoming live demo.