September 27, 2012

Now Available: Active Directory Single Sign-on Prototype


password on sticky notesSingle sign-on (SSO) across all your important enterprise applications is the holy grail of many IT shops. Security and password control are incredibly important, and the problem can spiral out of control if your users have 10 different passwords to remember.

SSO lets the IT folks standardize password control procedures, and also simplifies life for the users. And if someone only has to remember one password, it's much less likely that they'll try to use a simple password or write their passwords down on sticky notes.

Perforce provides a simple, flexible framework for tying in to an existing authentication system like Active Directory for SSO. In order to help our customers get started, I wrote a prototype of using Active Directory for Perforce SSO. I've now published that prototype, with source code and documentation, in a Perforce repository hosted by Assembla.

This prototype probably isn't a finished product that you can deploy out of the box. But it is functional, and hopefully makes it easy to customize and deploy the right SSO solution for your environment.

I'd love to see this prototype get some use and improvement from the community. Have a look and please pass along any comments and suggestions! Or better yet, grab the source and start hacking...