August 19, 2010

Subversion to Perforce in 30 minutes!


Warning Readers: This is a shameless plug for my upcoming webinar, Subversion to Perforce in 30 Minutes.

Perforce is becoming the enterprise corporate standard tool of choice in more organizations, for many good reasons.  The global Perforce Consulting teams help customers migrate to Perforce from a great variety of version control systems as we help drive standardization efforts. People realize that, while Subversion is a trusty screwdriver, it's not the sort of power tool you should provide to highly paid programmers to maximize productivity.

Want to be Agile and maximize the amount of work not done? Use Perforce and reduce merge rework!  Use a tool that totally groks the dark arts of base selection and merge credits -- resulting in more accurate first-time merges, saving human effort.

So, instead of being submersed in low-tech tools like the Turtle, learn about migrating to Perforce. Got gigabytes of files and years of version history in Subversion you don't know what to do with?  Attend the webinar to get a better sense of your options.