May 25, 2016

Take Two: The Changing Role of Release Engineering in a DevOps World


Did you miss us at MERGE 2016?


No worries, because we’re bringing the conference experience straight to you! Revisit The Changing Role of Release Engineering in a DevOps World by attending our webinar on June 1st at 10:00 a.m. PDT with J. Paul Reed of Release Engineering Approaches, and Perforce’s own John Williston!

The rise of DevOps is revitalizing age-old topics in release engineering and application lifecycle management, and aspects of software delivery that DevOps doesn’t magically solve. If you're responsible for the release engineering function in your organization, see what the new world looks like and which aspects of the industry it’s leaving behind.

So don’t shy away from the challenges on the road towards DevOps and Release Engineering’s happy union, and instead attack the hoard of new tools and methodologies with a powerful battle cry. Simply put, learn to thrive in this brave, new world.

Here’s what you can expect from J. Paul Reed aka Preed’s mind-blowing broadcast. In this 30-minute webinar you will learn:

·       How to define DevOps and it’s tools for success

·       How Release Engineering and DevOps collide, and their benefits

·       How continuous delivery will define your organization in the future


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About our presenters:

Presented by J. Paul Reed, Principal Consultant, Release Engineering Approaches

J. Paul Reed has over 15 years' experience in the trenches as a build/release and tools engineer, working with such organizations as VMware, Mozilla, Postbox, and Symantec. In 2012, he founded Release Engineering Approaches, a consultancy incorporating a host of tools and techniques to help organizations "Simply Ship. Every time." He's worked across a number of industries, from financial services to cloud-based infrastructure, with teams from 2 to 2,000 on everything from tooling, operational analysis and improvement, team culture transformation, and business value optimization.


Hosted by John Williston, Product Marketing Manager, Perforce

John is a veteran software developer for Windows, .NET, and the web as well as a musician, philosopher, gamer and all around self-admitted geek. As a Product Marketing Manager and Developer Evangelist at Perforce, he spends much of his time bringing those skills to bear on the challenges of marketing. Follow him on Twitter @p4jbw.