April 12, 2010

TestTrack and TFS Integration

Issue Management
I have updated our labs page in regards to integration with Microsoft's Team Foundation Server (TFS).  Even though this is not an 'out of the box' supported integration, you do have several options. We had two sample scripts on how TFS could be integrated with TestTrack Pro and TestTrack TCM. I have updated them so they can be used out of the box. Previously they had connection information hard coded, which meant you had to change the source code and recompile in order to use them. I have also added a new article. The newest article includes information about a TFS plug in I recently wrote. This plugin allows the user to right-click on a file in the Source Code Explorer in TFS and select an "Attach to TestTrack..." menu, making it easy to associate the file with a defect from a list. I have included some screenshots below of the new plugin. [gallery link="file" columns="5"] I have also created a main page for TFS integration that serves as a central location where you can access all articles written about integrating TFS with our solutions.