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October 13, 2020

ClearCase Commands Cheatsheet

Version Control

Review a list of frequently used ClearCase commands.

ClearCase Commands Cheat Sheet

The following table lists ClearCase commands (cleartool or ct) and their closest Perforce Helix Core (p4) equivalents. Before you start with ClearCase commands, review ClearCase basics.

Why Helix Core?

Helix Core has everything you love about ClearCase plus the modern features your team needs to be successful in the future.


ClearCase Commands vs. Perforce Commands

Task in ClearCase

ClearCase Commands

Helix Core P4 Commands


Displays the config spec of a view.

ct catcs

p4 client -o

p4 stream -o


Creates a permanent new version of an element.

ct checkin

p4 submit

Helix Core submits a set of files as a changelist, not individual files like ClearCase. A changelist can contain a single file.

Creates a modifiable copy of a version.

ct checkout

p4 edit

Helix Core does the ClearCase equivalent of an unreserved checkout by default.

Delivers changes in a source stream to the target stream within or across projects.

ct deliver

p4 integrate

In Helix Core, p4 integrate is the equivalent for ct mergect deliver, and ct rebase.

Compares versions of a text-file element or a directory.

ct diff

p4 diff
p4 diff2

p4 diff compares a workspace file to a revision in the depot. p4 diff2 compares two depot revisions.

Edits the config spec of a view.

ct edcs

p4 client or p4 stream


Searches for versions that require a merge.

ct findmerge

p4 integrate -n


Displays help on command usage.

ct help

p4 help


Lists VOB-resident objects, elements loaded into a snapshot view, and view-private objects in a directory.

ct ls

p4 files
p4 have

p4 files displays information about files in the depot without accessing their contents. Use p4 have to list files/revisions that have been synced to the client workspace.

Lists information about UCM activities.

ct lsactivity

p4 jobs

p4 jobs displays a list of jobs, which can also be in a defect tracking system. This command can be used to generate release notes.

Lists event records for VOB database objects.

ct lshistory

p4 filelog

p4 filelog shows an individual file’s history.

Lists version tree of an element.

ct lsvtree

Available in P4V

To see the history of a file in Helix Visual Client (P4V), right-click on the file and select Revision Graph (ctrl+shift+R). This is similar to a version tree in ClearCase.

Displays an online reference page.

ct man

p4 help


Merges versions of a text-file element or a directory.

ct merge

p4 integrate

In Helix Core, p4 integrate is the equivalent for ct merge, as well as ct deliver, and ct rebase.

Creates an activity.

ct mkactivity

p4 job


Creates a directory element.

ct mkdir


Perforce does not version directories. But you can just create one locally on your filesystem.

Creates a file or directory element.

ct mkelem

p4 add


Creates and registers a view.

ct mkview

p4 client


Moves or renames an element or VOB link.

ct move

p4 integrate +
p4 delete

p4 move

p4 integrate clones a file to a new name/location. Then use p4 delete to remove the source file.

Changes the configuration of a stream.

ct rebase

p4 integrate

p4 integrate is the equivalent for ct merge, ct deliver, and ct rebase.

Deletes an activity.

ct rmactivity

p4 change -d


Removes the name of an element or VOB symbolic link from a directory version.

ct rmname

p4 delete


Removes an element or symbolic link from a VOB.

ct rmelem

p4 obliterate


Removes a view or removes view-related records from a VOB.

ct rmview

p4 client -d


Cancels a checkout of an element.

ct uncheckout

p4 revert


Updates elements in a snapshot view, web view or automatic view.

ct update

p4 sync


Modernize ClearCase Commands and Monolith

ClearCase used to be on the cutting edge of technology. But today, many teams are making a switch. Because over the years — and ownership changes — ClearCase has not delivered the innovation and improvements that modern development requires. With ClearCase, you end up paying (a lot) for a version control system that is already outdated.

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ClearCase cannot handle the complexity and demands modern development teams face today. But Helix Core can. Get started with Helix Core — enterprise version control that unites and accelerates teams.

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