How to Streamline SAP Testing With Perforce & Worksoft
March 6, 2024

How to Streamline Your SAP Testing With Perforce & Worksoft


For many enterprises that are growing in their test automation maturity, SAP testing remains a clunky and unintuitive process. Teams need to work with many vendors just to get the right test coverage, and maintaining all these solutions takes away the necessary time and resources needed to effectively run the tests themselves. 

Yet as SAP testing continues to grow in importance, there needs to be a better solution. This blog will delve into why SAP testing is more critical than ever, as well as showcase how Perforce and Worksoft can help address these SAP testing challenges. 

What is SAP Testing?

SAP testing refers to specialized software testing protocols for SAP, an enterprise software used to manage customer relations and business operations. 

Just like popular mobile and web applications require extensive and continuous testing, packaged applications like SAP require comprehensive testing as well to ensure that all processes are working smoothly in a variety of circumstances. 

Why is SAP Testing Important?

SAP testing is critical as teams struggle to balance maintaining existing systems like ECC and end-of-vendor support, especially as demands continue to increase for new business functionalities and capabilities within existing applications.

Migrating from ECC to S/4HANA and major project upgrades add to requirements with continuing operations on existing applications, as teams struggle to keep pace with application change and ensure business continuity. As more and more enterprises contend with S/4HANA migrations or other critical updates, efficient and comprehensive SAP testing is growing increasingly important.

SAP Testing Challenges

As with any type of testing, SAP testing presents its fair share of challenges. Some of the more critical challenges that enterprises face when attempting to solve for SAP testing include:

  • Vendor maintenance & integrations. Many teams are forced to work with many vendors to get all the support they need for sufficient SAP testing. Since these vendors do not necessarily work with each other, maintaining these vendors and fixing issues that arise between vendors can be exceptionally difficult. Even when there are integrations, there are so many that need to happen that teams will spend more time managing the integrations than on the actual testing at hand.

  • Lack of visibility. With so many vendors, there are also issues of visibility. Without one centralized place to monitor the processes and test performance, steps and tests can get lost, and defects can slip through the cracks.

  • Test data availability. Teams need consistent test data to remove bottlenecks, speed up the testing process, and make the results more reliable.  

How to Solve for SAP Testing: Perforce & Worksoft

Many of the challenges that come with SAP testing stem from one central issue: too many vendors. By coordinating so many vendors, there are too many puzzle pieces that somehow need to fit together. 

Fortunately, Perforce and Worksoft have partnered to change the way enterprises can embark on their SAP testing journey. With this partnership, Perforce and Worksoft have teamed up to deliver a centralized and unified suite to support each stage of the SAP testing process. Whether it is mobile, web, desktop testing, or comprehensive support during S/4HANA migrations, Perforce and Worksoft support it all.

To overcome the obstacles associated with SAP testing, Perforce and Worksoft offer the following capabilities:

Load & UX Testing at Scale

With Perforce and Worksoft, enterprises can conduct massive scale load testing for their SAP applications, directly from their IDE. Combined with UX testing, teams can also gain insight into what their users see under load. 

Omnichannel Testing

Get ready to streamline your test executions. Teams can run SAP tests across their desktop and mobile devices of choice without needing to manage devices externally. Access all the devices you would need and monitor your test executions from beginning to end all in one place.

Codeless Automation

Simplify testing for even the most complex processes with codeless test automation for SAP. With Worksoft’s intelligent test automation capabilities, teams can boost testing efficiency and streamline the testing process for the entire team.

Comprehensive Application Lifecycle Management

With Perforce’s application lifecycle management suite, teams can link, track, and validate requirements within each test case. End-to-end traceability simplifies the process of keeping your entire team up to date on what is happening with your application. 

Service Virtualization & Test Data Management

Throughout the testing process, don’t get derailed by environmental dependencies. With integrated service virtualization and synchronized test data generation, teams can remove environmental bottlenecks that can arise during the test automation process and speed up their SAP testing. 

Bottom Line

There is a growing need to streamline the SAP testing process, from application lifecycle management to monitoring SAP applications in production. With Perforce and Worksoft, teams can now test SAP applications continuously with increased ease, reliability, and confidence.

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