How Fristads Uses Helix Plan (Formerly Hansoft) To Lead the Digital Transformation in the Garment Industry

Fristads produces world-class functional workwear clothing for craftsmen and industry workers around the world with presence in over 20 countries and an annual revenue of +100MEUR.

The team at Fristads wanted to continue leading the field in the highly competitive garment industry. They sensed an opportunity to set themselves apart (and stay ahead of the competition) by taking their processes to the next level with introducing Agile practices. They did just that by choosing Helix Plan (formerly Hansoft), an Agile planning tool.

Helix Plan Helped Fristads…


Gain Clarity

Across projects and processes, so everyone knows who’s working on what.


Save Every Sprint

Through identifying improvement items, prioritizing them, and acting on them.

Become More Agile

By providing Agile ways to work side-by-side with proven planning methods.

There’s no limit to how you can use [Helix Plan].

Give it a try, and you’ll receive the benefits. You’ll see how powerful the tool will be. And so will your team members.”


Microsoft Excel Complicated the Process

Fristads was using Microsoft Excel to manage their projects.

While using Microsoft Excel worked, it presented some major challenges:

  • Files were difficult to maintain.
  • Project status wasn’t clear.
  • Communication was difficult to track.

Plus, the team at Fristads wanted to transition to more modern ways of working, including Agile. And there was no way they could be Agile with Microsoft Excel.

It was time to find a better tool to manage their projects and improve their processes. They found it with Helix Plan.

Image Customer Fristads

Switching to Helix Plan Added Clarity

Johan Samuelsson, Project Manager at Fristads, had used Helix Plan at another company. And he knew from firsthand experience that Helix Plan would be the right project management tool for Fristads.

And it was. Using Helix Plan made it easy to:

  • Track and understand project status in projects with 100+ team members.
  • Communicate with team members on expectations and progress. One their favorite features is the @mention feature, where you can quickly notify people both by email and within the tool.
  • Manage approvals and workflows to ensure the defined processes are followed, without adding any bureaucracy.

Helix Plan added clarity to the release process right away, without disrupting their work. This helped the Fristads team improve their processes and transition smoothly. And using Helix Plan assures them that they’re doing the right tasks at the right time.

The team started with a small team and scaled up when they started seeing benefits. Many team members now use Helix Plan daily and depend on the tool to get their work prioritized and done.

“It’s quite easy to learn how to use [Helix Plan]. Now our team doesn’t have to spend time looking for things. They know what they need to do — and what their colleagues are doing.”
— Johan Samuelsson, Project Manager at Fristads

Using Helix Plan was vital to the success of a recent ERP implementation project for Fristads. Their ERP is essential for their business. By using Helix Plan, they were able to validate the ERP implementation progress seamlessly.

The Results: Lower Costs, Higher Quality, Closer to Agile

The team at Fristads saw immediate results.

Lower Costs

Helix Plan helped Fristads visualize and deliver improvement quickly by organizing work in sprints. And that led to them identifying where and how they can save. Today, they deliver improvements worth up to $3,500 per two-week sprint.

Higher Quality

Fristads also improved quality by using Helix Plan. This has been clear in their testing results. In a recent project, 84% of their test cases (781/930) passed initially, which was above their expectations.

Closer to Agile

Helix Plan is also helping Fristads transition to Agile. Their company is leading the transformation of the garment industry into a digital age. The tool makes it easy to address backlogs, and it shows them how to work in an Agile way. At the same time, they avoid a revolution, and implement evolutionary changes continuously.

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