From Brake Systems to Smart Trailers: How Haldex Uses Helix QAC for Quality Embedded Code

Haldex provides brake solutions in the automotive industry. They're best known for braking and suspension systems.

Ensuring quality in embedded code is a must for Haldex — and they do it with Helix QAC for C and C++.

Helix QAC Helps Haldex...

Prevent, Detect, and Eliminate Defects


Maintain Quality (In a Large Codebase)


Get Accurate Results (With Fewer False Positives)

Helix QAC is indispensable...

"Helix QAC is an indispensable part of our development process. It is inconceivable that we would ship any safety-critical software without using this tool to check our code."


Haldex Needs to Deliver High-Quality Embedded Code

Haldex needs to deliver high-quality embedded code.

And to do that, they need to:

  • Prevent defects and continuously improve quality (maintaining certification to ISO/TS 16949). 
  • Manage a large codebase — and analyze projects containing more than 90,000 lines of code.
  • Identify genuine non-compliances in code — while minimizing noise (false positives).

Today, Haldex achieves these quality goals by using Helix QAC for C and C++.


Better Code Quality in Automotive Brake Systems in C

MISRA compliance isn't mandated by Haldex's customers. But Haldex views MISRA compliance a must for developing high-quality code in safety-critical applications.

That's why Haldex has been using Helix QAC for MISRA C compliance since 2002. This static analyzer for C is an essential part of Haldex's development process for safety-critical braking systems.

They use Helix QAC to:

  • Analyze up to 90,000 lines of C code.
  • Identify noncompliance with the MISRA C ruleset.
  • Minimize false positives — and eliminate false negatives. 


Better Defect Detection in Smart Trailer Management Systems in C++

When the company began developing its Fleet+ smart trailer management system, they added Helix QAC for C++.

The Fleet+ application doesn't have an immediate direct impact on safety. So, it doesn't need to comply with the same strict standards as their braking system. 

But, any defects in Fleet+ would be visible to users. So, they decided to use Helix QAC for C++ to prevent defects — and eliminate them earlier. 


How Haldex Achieved ROI in 18 Months

Before adding Helix QAC for C++, Haldex analyzed all the C++ code generated over the previous 12 months. 

“We found that 25% of the defects that escaped from the coding phase and were discovered during unit and system testing would have been identified earlier by Helix QAC for C++. It took us on average of two man days longer to fix any defect discovered later in the process. As a result, the payback on Helix QAC for C++ was less than 18 months."

— Robin Sayce-Jones, Senior Software Engineer at Haldex

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