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Free for Small Teams

Helix Core is free for teams up to 5 users. Try it today!


Surround SCM Integrations

Surround SCM integrates into your tool chain.

Helix TeamHub Enterprise

Multi-repo management and developer collaboration. Helix TeamHub is powered by Helix4Git for high-performance builds and Git repo management.

Hansoft Helix Core Integration

Integrate Hansoft with Helix Core for better collaboration. Please note that you must have the SDK Module enabled on your license to use the...

Helix Core API for PHP

Helix Core API for PHP allows you to write PHP scripts that directly execute Helix Core commands.


Klocwork is static code analysis tool for C, C++, C#, and Java. And, it has compliance taxonomies for MISRA, AUTOSAR, NASA, CERT, CWE, DISA STIG, and...

Hansoft LDAP Integration

Please note that you must have the SDK Module enabled on your license to use the integrations below. The Hansoft SDK module is not available in the...

Defect Scribe

Defect Scribe is a free Helix ALM add-on that watches you perform a test and then writes the test case for you.

Helix ALM Data Warehouse

Helix ALM Data Warehouse is a free add-on for Helix ALM users (version 2013.1 and newer).

Helix MFA Authenticator

Provides the MFA login screen for Helix Core clients and plugins, based on settings already configured on the server. Note: If using SAML or OIDC, we...

Hansoft Backup Service

Windows only. This is a standalone shadow-volume copy tool used to minimize downtime when backing up large databases.

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