1. Download and Install the Hansoft Client

The Client is installable on Windows, OS X and Linux and does not require Administrator access and does not have a dependency to any other software.

Open the Hansoft Client program that you just have installed.

2. Login to the server

You must know the location of the Hansoft server to use the Client. If not, ask your Hansoft Champion/Administrator.

Note: If you do not have a server, you should ask your IT or similar function to install one from our Downloads section. You can also install a local server (on your computer) but it is not as much fun as it will be more difficult to collaborate with your peers. 

hansoft login










If the certificate has not been configured you will see this error message where you can typically say “I trust this server” to continue (share this guide with your administrator on how to remove this warning):

trust verification










If you are working at one of our larger customers you probably have the LDAP integration active where you would authenticate automatically, but otherwise you must provide your username and password on the next screen:

hansoft login










3. Check out your to do list

Now you should have opened Hansoft. The first thing you should do is to click “TO DO LIST” in the top left corner.

This view is exactly what it sounds like, an always up to date list with everything that is assigned to you in prioritised order.

to do list english

Double-click on any task to see more details.

Click on Newsfeed to see what the people in your team have been up to lately.

If you have any problems, reach out to our support team. We're here to help!