What’s New in Methodics IPLM?

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Methodics IPLM Core

What's New in Methodics IPLM?

Methodics IPLM 3.1


This version adds the ability to restrict certain IP addresses' access to specified IPs, reducing the risk of IP leakage.

Local Workspace Modifications

Users now have the ability to add/remove a resource to an IP inside a workspace without creating a new version. This is particularly helpful for users who do not want to deal with many intermediate versions when adding/removing resources, allowing them to make edits and then release a new version when ready.

PiCache Support For Custom DMs

Adding to the user experience for those who use a data management tool besides Perforce, PiCache now supports custom DMs. SVN support is also provided out-of-the-box.

What’s New in Methodics IPLM?

Methodics IPLM 3.0

Methodics IPLM 3.0 is the latest version of the Methodics IP lifecycle management platform.

Watch the recorded webinar below to learn more about this new version or keep reading for feature highlights.

Faster SoC Development

Streamline the SoC development experience by automating the BoM planning process. With Methodics IPLM 3.0, you can:

  • Automate the workflow of new project and IP creation.
  • Leverage requirements-driven “What-If” analysis of IP decisions — build vs. buy vs. reuse.
  • Understand cost impact and scheduling impact of choices.
  • Drive towards delivery of an execution BoM.
  • Get help committing what you will deliver in a project.

Improved SoC Product Management

Improve SoC product management with new and improved analytics in PiWeb. Methodics IPLM 3.0 includes:

  • Refreshed design to improve usability.
  • Improvements to IP library catalog.
  • Advanced search redesign.
  • Simpler customization of IP pages.
  • New customizable analysis tabs for IP cost modeling, IP security assurance, and functional safety.

Stronger IP Security

Improve IP security with support of the Accellera IPSA standard and protect IP with geofencing and blockchain. Methodics IPLM 3.0 addresses:

  • IP portfolio leakage with the Methodics IPLM permissions hub and geofencing. This helps you create a single source of truth for permissions across your stack and customize regional IP protections.
  • IP security assurance with support for the Accellera IPSA emerging standard. This includes a security property template, security queries and searches of the Accellera IP database, and integrated dashboards and reports.
  • IP provenance with blockchain support for the IP lifecycle and secured IP metadata. This helps you verify the IP source, ensure IP has not been changed en-route, and trust the IP works as originally designed and intended.

Accelerated Design Collaboration

Accelerate design collaboration with performance enhancements to the IPLM platform. Methodics IPLM 3.0 includes the following improvements:

  • Custom defined objects (CDOs) that enable rapid prototyping of functionality, allowing for easier integrations.
  • PiCache performance improvements that supports resource management of worldwide design teams.

Methodics IPLM Web

What’s New in Methodics IPLM Web?

Methodics IPLM Web 2022.1 (previously Piweb 1.12)

Helix Core Integration Improvements

Take advantage of additional functionality within the PiForce client directly from IPLM Web. The PiForce integration enables a tighter coupling between Methodics IPLM and Perforce Helix Core data management, allowing you to more efficiently manage files between the two products.

Query Builder Enhancements

You now have expanded search options available when using the IPLM Web Query Builder. These options help you efficiently search and discover the information you are looking for, without leaving the tool.

Expand Table Filter Options

Along with query builder enhancements, you now have better filtering options when using tables in IPLM Web. These filtering options allow you to more easily process and organize data. Use column filters with more granular parameters to quickly sort the results delivered by a query.

Favorite Tab Capability

Want to relocate a tab quickly? You can favorite tabs in IPLM Web so you can easily return to important information without having to click around. A favorite star will display on each tab of an IP/IPV page.

Configure Searchable IP Catalog Columns

Optimize search performance by configuring searchable IP Catalog Columns. Administrators can now configure which IP columns are searched when a user enters a search term in the IP Catalog search field. This helps improve performance by limiting the number of columns that are displayed.

Migration to Vue.js

With the completed migration from AngularJS to Vue.js, you now get more enhanced capability and better performance when using the web tool.

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