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Helix IPLM (formerly Methodics IPLM) is trusted by some of the world’s largest semiconductor companies as the best way to manage IP. Now, we’ve introduced a variety of add-on features to further boost productivity, minimize IP leakage, and ensure the highest level of IP quality.

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With teams collaborating across geographies, it’s essential to track which IPs are visible to specific users and locations around the world. Protect against export violation fines, prevent IP leakage, and ensure compliance with export control laws with these key geofencing functions: 

  • Maintain include and exclude lists of geographies. 
  • Restrict IPs, regardless of access, based on these lists. 
  • Prevent IP data from being stored in restricted geography caches. 
  • Safeguard IP meta-data from being viewed or extracted in prohibited locales. 

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Component & IP Bill of Materials Planning Module


The CIPB Planning Module helps teams plan more effectively by using IP models or “placeholders” for to-be-determined IP components. This accelerates the design process and helps you make more effective build-or-buy decisions, since you can: 

  • Create plans using real and placeholder IPs. 
  • Store planned, in-progress, and complete IPs in the same interface. 
  • Track requirements across IPs. 
  • Match new SoC requirements to existing IPs. 

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Methocids CIPB

IP Quality


Think of IP Quality as a one-stop quality control checkpoint. This resource lets you customize your own quality standards and make sure all IP meets them, reducing errors and ensuring IP and data integrity: 

  • Easily define and implement IP rules. 
  • Establish common templates for IP creation. 
  • Aggregate and manage all IP rules in a centralized dashboard. 
  • Facilitate IP integration at the correct milestones. 

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IP Quality

IPLM Cache


IPLM Cache empowers your team to access your files faster, reduce workplace population time, and minimize disk space. With reduced wait time, your team can dedicate hours they used to spend pulling files to designing instead. Here’s how IPLM Cache optimizes design workspace setup:  

  • Automatic workspace population and cleanup. 
  • Rapid workspace creations with softlinks to IP. 
  • Ability to pre-populate the cache with new IP versions. 
  • Flexible architecture to support multiple teams and projects. 

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Jira Integration


Ensure that your team is aware of every bug and understands how issues impact current projects – including exactly which IP versions are affected. The Helix IPLM + Jira Integration gives you Jira visibility within Helix IPLM, so you can keep using the tools you’re used to while streamlining your workflow. This integration makes issue tracking more efficient with several key functions:

  • See issue tracking data directly in Helix IPLM – no need to log into Jira.
  • Disposition issues as Waiver, Fix, No Fix, Documentation, etc.
  • Filter issues by scope.
  • Perform impact analysis when triaging issues and notify Perform impact analysis when triaging issues and notify stakeholders of any potential problems.

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Methodics + Jire Integration

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