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Helix IPLM Core

What's New in IPLM Core?

IPLM Core 2023.1 / IPLM Core 3.5

IPLM Core 2023.1 includes two updates to enhance traceability and improve workspace usability:


Retained Alias

The Retained Alias update makes alias and workspace management more intuitive and user-friendly. With this update, the system will make more intelligent choices regarding user intent around aliases. 

For example, if a user has applied an alias to the top level IP, the workspace will retain or "remember" the alias, even if the user later removes it or moves the alias to a different version of the top level IP. Unique aliases are now supported as well.

Verbose Mode

Verbose Mode expands on the visibility of what is affected when a user makes an update to an IP. Without Verbose Mode, users are only able to see the impact of IP updates on Resources. With Verbose Mode, users can see the impact of IP updates on both Resources and all related files. 

Verbose Mode can also be combined with the Dry Run flag to see what Resource and file level changes would result from the update, prior to actually performing the update. This can keep users from making updates that might have unintended or undesirable consequences.

What's New in Methodics Core?

Methodics IPLM Core 2022.3 / IPLM Core 3.4


View Permissions

Keep your IP more secure by limiting access levels. You can now give certain users access to IP metadata while preventing them from using the IP in development work in a workspace. This is helpful for users who are not yet licensed to use the IP, or who only need to see metadata for research and auditing and who do not need to be granted further read access.

Planning Module Improvements

We are revamping the Planning Module based on your feedback. And now, you can configure the Planning Module through the API and IPLM Web – this means you can build a hierarchical BoM and version the Planning BoM through both the API and IPLM Web.

Other improvements here give the ability to browse for an IP line name and add notes to planned IPs.

Edit IP Library

Keep track of your IP for better traceability and organization. You can now modify the library that an IP is associated with. For example, if you place your IP in a library and then realize another library is more appropriate, an admin can now modify the IP library – all without creating a new release.

Lineage Tracking Improvements

This feature improves traceability of your IP through branches. Instead of new IP branches only being traced through an IP copy, you can now edit the source field of a new IP directly to point to the original IP it was branched from. This expands the use models supported by IP lineage tracking, and will save teams time as they can better understand what IP they have and where it came from. Additionally, when viewing an IPV, teams can more easily see all the IP lines derived from that IPV.

Helix IPLM Web

What's New in Helix IPLM Web 2023.4?

Helix IPLM Web 2023.4


UX/UI Enhancements

With this release, there is a new navigation selector that will enhance IP, IP Line, and IP Version discoverability, improving both visibility and access. With this enhanced navigation, you can easily select an IP, then an IPL, and then an IPV, to quickly access exactly what you need – all in one place – without clicking through to other pages.

Helix IPLM IP Version Details


Chart Widget Editor

This release expands the capabilities of the Graphical Widget Editor we introduced earlier this year. You can now create and configure chart widgets – including line, area, bar charts, and more – without the need to use the command line interface. 

Helix IPLM Chart Widget Editor


New Name & Logo

You'll also see a new product name and logo in the product: Helix IPLM. The new name reflects IPLM’s deep integration with Helix Core, the high-performance data management solution from Perforce.

What's New in IPLM Web?

IPLM Web 2023.3


UX/UI Enhancements

This release extends the modernized look and feel we introduced earlier this year to include additional pages such as Resources, Contents, Permissions, and Hooks, for improved ease of use and consistency.

IPLM Resources page


“What's New” Link

This new link will provide a quick and easy way for end users to see the latest updates in IPLM Web. The “What’s New” link will ensure all users are aware of product updates and new features, even if they’re not on the Perforce Semiconductor Updates email distribution list.

Note: If you’d like to subscribe to Perforce Semiconductor Updates to receive news about Helix IPLM and Helix Core, you can subscribe here.

What's New in Methodics IPLM Web?

Methodics IPLM Web 2023.2


Graphical Widget Editor Enhancements

This release expands the capabilities of the Graphical Widget Editor we introduced in Release 2023.1. With the latest updates to this visual editor, even non-technical users can now create and configure table, button, and iframe widgets – and create new widget tabs – without the need to use the command line interface. 

Methodics IPLM create table widget


UX/UI Enhancements

This release expands on the new IPLM Web GUI (graphical user interface) look and feel we introduced in Release 2023.1 to further enhance the user experience. With this release, you’ll see several UX/UI updates on the IP and IPV pages, including more intuitive navigation, for improved ease of use and consistency.

What's New in Methodics IPLM Web?

Methodics IPLM Web 2023.1


Graphical Widget Editor

You can now create and edit graphical widgets to display IP metadata in a dashboard using a new visual editor. This new visual editor eliminates the need to use the command line interface, making it possible for non-technical users to easily create, edit, and analyze IPLM Web widgets that reflect the dynamically changing nature of IPs throughout the design cycle. The Graphical Widget Editor allows you to format text styles, colors, and alignment and insert links, code snippets, and images.

New Look and Feel

We’re modernizing the look and feel of the IPLM Web GUI (graphical user interface) for an enhanced user experience, based on your feedback. With this release, you’ll see a fresh new look on the Login page, Homepage, and IP catalog page. We’ve also updated the UX for ease of use and consistency across the solution, including improved navigation from the Homepage.

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