The following is an interactive, web based bank account demo built with JViews Enterprise.

How to Use This Demo

This application is made up of three parts:

  • A toolbar
  • A chart view
  • A table


The toolbar allows you to interact with the main view by setting interactors or triggering an action on it.

Sets the multipurpose interactors. The multipurpose interactor allows you to select the bar item of the chart view, to pan the chart view, to highlight an item of chart view, to show the tooltip of the item.

Sets the Zoom interactor. The Zoom interactor allows you to zoom the view by dragging a rectangle.

Fits the view.

Zooms in.

Zooms out.

A drop down list allows to select a color theme.



The view displays the operations (debit or credit) and the balance of the account over time. The Select interactor allows you to highlight a specific operation both on the view and the table and to show the tooltip for a bar item. Since JViews V8.8, keyboard navigation is supported in the Chart view. If you keep the chart view in focus (by pressing the tab key or by using a mouse click), then you can use arrow keys to navigate the item of chart and use the enter key to select the item that you want to focus on.

Note: The highlighting feature of this sample requires a browser with SVG or VML support, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.


This table displays the operations on the bank account. It is synchronized with the view, so it displays only the visible operations on the chart. The selected operation is also highlighted on the /p>

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