The following is an interactive, web based Gantt Chart Editing demo built with JViews Enterprise.

How to Use This Demo

This example demonstrates how to edit a JViews Gantt JavaServer Faces component.

This sample allows you to select activities and constraints, add, remove, and view or edit their properties. You can also move activities.


When you choose the multipurpose interactor( in the toolbar), then you can do the following actions:

  • To select an activity or a constraint.
  • To explore by exapanding or collapsing rows.
  • To highlight an activity or a constraint of the sheet view. To highlight a row of the table view, or highlight the expand or collapse icon.


  • To show hover help when moving the mouse over an activity or a constraint in the sheet view, or when moving the mouse over a table row in the table view.
  • To move activities, select them and drag the selection to the desired location. Note that in this sample, parent activities cannot be moved directly since their start and end times are automatically computed from their children.
  • To select several items, press the CTRL key while clicking to add or remove items to the current selection.
  • When the cursor icon is a crosshair, you can pan the sheet view.

To hide or show the table, click in the splitter.

To hide or show the sheet, click in the splitter.

When a single item is selected, its properties are displayed in a property sheet.

  • To edit a property, click the value field of the desired property. A text box will appear to edit the value.
  • To add a property, click the add property button ( in the property sheet). Enter the name of the property. A new row is added and can be edited.
  • To remove a property, select the desired property and click the remove property button ( of the property sheet). The selected property is removed. Note that predefined properties cannot be removed.
  • When done click the commit button to send the changes to the server; or click the cancel button to revert the properties to their initial values. Changes that are not committed are lost.

You can pan the Gantt sheet view, select an activity, move an activity and resize the selected activity, zoom in , zoom out , and fit the view .

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