The following is an interactive, web based Highway Traffic Monitoring console built with JViews Enterprise.

How to Use this Demo

This demo shows a web based Highway Traffic Monitoring console built with JViews Enterprise.

Data Sources

This demo uses real-time data feeds from:

  • Caltrans (via PeMS.), for traffic information
  • Incidents, from a web-based service (faked for this demo)
  • Background maps through Google Maps

Demo Modes

The demo has two modes, representing two distinct types of users:

  • "Consumer View", for everyday traveler access
  • "Manager View", such as from a traffic operations center.

The button allows you to switch between them.


Map Controls

On the map view, Google Maps controls provide ways to interact with your map to:

  • Zoom in and out using buttons or the mouse wheel,
  • Select the type of map display
  • Panning using buttons, pressing he mouse or with the overview.


On top of the map, Rogue Wave JViews Enterprise overlays markers and tiled layers representing the traffic status:

  • Shows real-time camera feed
  • Show real-time incident Info
  • The highway is colored to show real-time travel speeds

Additional simulated data appears on the Manager View:

  • Shows location of emergency service vehicles
  • Displays and allows editing of roadside Changeable Message Signs
  • Displays intersection timing light information

Displayed Layers

User can switch map layers on and off.

Object Lists

The Manager can view all map objects in a list view, organized by information type. The list is kept synchronized with the map view.

You can select a line in the list and see the detailed information relative to the object.

Item Property

When selecting an object on the map or in the lists, a new panel appears on the right.

This panel is specific to the type of selected objects. It can show:

  • Detailed information on an incident or a car
  • Detailed information on Changeable Message Signs (that you can modify)
  • A history of the speed of vehicles passing a detector
  • The current view from a Camera
  • An animated dashboard and schedule for a crossing

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