The following is an interactive, web based Network and Service Monitoring demo built with JViews Enterprise

For instructions on how to interact with this demo, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

How to Use This Demo

This demo shows a web based Network Monitoring console built with JViews Telecom Graphic Objects (JTGO), alongside the MyFaces Trinidad Faces component set.

The demo shows:

  • Physical network displays (maps showing geo-referenced equipment)
  • Network equipment details displays
  • Topology displays (diagrams showing interconnected equipment)
  • Service displays

The following is a very brief description of some of the functions available in this demo. Check out a more detailed version of functions available

Module Navigation

The tabs at the top left you switch between the Network, Inventory and Service Modules.




Zooms in a region

Enables tooltips on map

Zooms in

Zooms Out

Shows entire map

Return to top-most view

Pop-up Menu

Objects in the map may have a context-sensitive menu, accessible with a right mouse button click:

Show Network, Inventory or Service Module

Show Details

Show Services

Show Enclosing Network




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