How to Use This Demo

The following is an interactive, web based Thin Client Diagrammer gallery built with JViews Enterprise


How to Use This Sample

This application is made of four parts:

  • Toolbar
  • Main view
  • Diagram chooser combo box
  • Property sheet

The toolbar allows you to interact with the main view by setting interactors or triggering an action on the view.

selects the Select interactor.

  • The Select interactor allows you to select one or several objects in the view.
  • If one object is selected, a property sheet is displayed to show the properties of this object.
  • You can select several objects by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking the nodes.
  • Finally, on diagrams that allow it, you can move objects by dragging them.


Sets the Zoom interactor. The Zoom interactor allows you to zoom the view by dragging a rectangle.

Sets the Pan interactor. The Pan interactor allows you to pan the view.

Fits the view.

Zooms in.

Zooms out.

Shows tooltips. Note that interactors are disabled while the tooltips are enabled.


The view shows the current diagram.

You can trigger a contextual pop-up menu by right-clicking an object of the view.

Diagram Chooser Combo Box

This combo box allows you to select the diagram to be displayed.

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