When planning a project, team collaboration tools keep everyone on the same page, and the project on track. Of the features these tools provide, one of the most practical is dashboard reporting.

Dashboard reporting lets you visualize key insights so you can track and analyze at a glance. You can make faster, smarter decisions using the methodology that works best for you. In Agile, the information can be used for everything from a standup to a stakeholder meeting.

Watch the video to see how Hansoft’s dashboard and reporting features are:

   👉🏼 Easy to build.
   👉🏼 Quickly understood.
   👉🏼 Exportable and sharable.


Dashboards and reporting are just two of the many ways Hansoft makes it easy to collaborate, plan, and scale — especially for Agile teams.

If you’d like to see more of what Hansoft can do, watch the recorded demonstration, or try it out for free. Click below to take the next step towards to becoming an Agile master.