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Unique development challenges surround designing and building embedded systems, as programmers now work side-by-side with design engineers on diverse product assets, including code, third-party components, hardware, firmware, simulation, emulation, FPGA prototyping, documents and more.

That’s why many of the world’s leading EDA and embedded systems companies trust Perforce Helix to build complex products more collaboratively and securely. Perforce enables these companies to both version and marry the model-based design and development, testing, and ongoing tracking of exceedingly complex designs with the code and onboard communications required to make them run.


Scalable Data Management

Easily scale to support the enterprise project scope of tens of thousands of developers, designers, and testers to create embedded system software, hardware, and firmware, all within concurrent workspaces boasting up to 100GB of data with hundreds of thousands of files each. 



The fully integrated Helix ALM and Helix VCS together allow stakeholders, managers, and regulators to quickly review, from a high level, every action and decision within the product development lifecycle – or drill down to track detailed information as needed.


Manage Development Complexity

Helix Streams unravels complexity with flexible branching and visual tools that support all the needs of your many teams. Helix ALM also monitors requirements and regulatory compliance from start to finish.


Speed & Performance for Global Teams

Sync content across multiple offices or teams with a platform that caters to embedded products. Teams leverage Helix federated architecture to perform at scale, with no limits to file size, number, or type. 

Binary Asset Management

Embedded systems rely on sophisticated CAD modeling and simulation tools. Binary file management with Helix ensures large files of any type are handled efficiently, as standard text-based “code” assets, with no impact on system performance.


CD/CI Integrations

Produce stable, optimized products quickly with the flexible CI/CD workflows of Helix. Support continuous delivery methodologies to automate your build and test methods, keeping embedded systems in a permanently releasable state.

Fine-Grained Access Control

Helix VCS lets users define granular access controls, establishing user permissions by repo, branch, directory, or individual file. Secure data and mitigate risk exposure with automatic notifications and system escalations from Helix ALM.


Automated Design and Compliance Workflows

Monitor full audit trails, set change review notifications, and control policy enforcement triggers across workflows. Helix maintains an indelible history of versioned assets with change analysis insights to gauge action effects prior to commits.


Single Source of Truth

Embedded systems require end-to-end product traceability. Helix is a single source of truth for version control and application lifecycle management, keeping requirements, issues, and test cases, as well as source code and media, in a safe environment.

Learn How Perforce is the Single Source of Truth for NVIDIA

Development, change control, and requirements management in one platform 


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Embedded products are complex. And they require work from many contributors. What if you could give every stakeholder a clear view of their tasks, prompt action automatically, keep development focused, and collaborate on requirements and issues in one place? We have the guide.

Effective Traceability for Embedded Systems Development

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