Methodics IPLM Consulting


We can migrate your bulk data from other point solutions into Methodics IPLM. Recognizing that every customer environment has unique needs and requirements, we customize our internal scripts and processes to fit your specific environment and to deliver a customized script for future use.

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Inbound (Data from other sources)

Through integration scripts, we bring your data into Methodics IPLM and connect with other engineering systems – such as Requirements Management systems, issue and defect systems, program and project management and PLM systems – to link metadata to IP managed in Methodics IPLM. Inbound data can be both metadata ties to IP as well as physical information to be integrated as files and file system IPs.

Outbound (Events and workflows)

We can customize Methodics IPLM to trigger outbound workflows and integrate into other engineering systems such as PLM, continuous integration systems like Jenkins, issue and defect tracking and project management.

Custom DM Support (Design and documentation)

We can support and document DM systems that need to be integrated into the Methodics IPLM platform including Git, Clearcase, DesignSync, ClioSoft, and other less common or legacy systems – as well as integrate data into PiCache to help you achieve performance benefits.

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Infrastructure Support

We provide in-depth consulting services on the infrastructure needed to support your IPLM environment, including the computing environment, high availability and capacity planning, network support, worldwide deployment, and resource planning.

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Workflow and Methodology

Our experts are available to consult with you on implementing or configuring a methodology around reusing IP, based on best practices in real-world environments. We can even help you modify your existing workflow or create entirely new optimized workflows based on your requirements.

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We offer implementation packages to get you up and running quickly with Methodics IPLM and Helix Core.

Quick Start Implementation

Our implementation team will ensure your new software is installed and configured optimally, including:

  • An audit of your existing server installation to ensure your system will perform at scale.
  • Expert configuration for Methodics IPLM and Helix Core within your specific environment and for your specific file types, maximizing server performance immediately.
  • Script set up to automate checkpoint and validation processes to help secure system intellectual property.
  • Automation of multistep processes to save time for your administrators.
  • Implementation of optimal security to prevent unauthorized access to your data and IP.
  • Installation of triggers to help integrate our solutions with enterprise best practices in mind.
  • Readiness to install in the cloud.

Enterprise Implementation

This package is designed for large-scale installations and configurations across multi-server environments, specifically where many variables apply to system performance and must be optimized seamlessly. Our enterprise implementation provides you with a system capable of working at any scale and supports you with all the components in our Quick Start Implementation, plus:

  • Integration with AD/LDAP.
  • Integration for administration automation scripts and training.
  • Protection for intellectual property through a Disaster Recovery process, including backup servers and scripting to quickly recover IP in the case of lost data.
  • Installation of Helix Swarm.
  • Installation of proxies, replicas, and brokers.
  • Set up for High Availability.
  • Training for administrators to use Server Deployment Package tools.
  • Assistance in planning future scaling, growth, and integrations.

Custom Implementation

We offer full, customized implementation support services from our team of experts to meet the needs of even the most sophisticated environments and customers. Contact us to get started with a meeting where we will establish the scope and effort of your system implementation.

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Community Management Resource (CMR)

Some customers benefit most from having a trained and qualified Methodics field application engineering resource embedded on-site at their location to serve as a true subject matter expert. The CMR helps individual design teams make the right decisions to set up their local environments and receive the training and knowledge required to accelerate onboarding into the IP reuse and lifecycle management methodology. Contact us for more information.

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Business Value Assessment (BVA)

Through a detailed BVA, we can help you evaluate and link your unique drivers and strategies to solution capabilities with supporting metrics. The BVA typically is performed in parallel with a formal technical evaluation process. Contact us for more details on how we can help you find and quantify where you will benefit most from IPLM.

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