Welcome to Hansoft by Perforce. This handbook is your guide to getting help using Hansoft planning application.

Hansoft’s Global Support Team is available during normal business hours to assist you with your support needs. From answering questions about our product to assisting with troubleshooting, Hansoft Support is there to help you get the most from your Hansoft experience.

Hansoft Support mission is to help you reach your goals. From answering questions that arise while using Hansoft solutions, to troubleshooting, our support team will help you minimize your downtime and maximize your Hansoft experience.

NOTE: Nothing in this document supersedes your current contract with Perforce.

What are the various levels of support that Hansoft offers?

Hansoft provides the same level of support to all our customers. Hansoft does not offer a premium level of support.

How do I contact support?

Hansoft offers support services via email, web form, community portal, and telephone. We recommend using one of these three channels; email, web form or the customer portal since these provide us with the most background information that we will use to quickly handle your case.


Email is the most popular channel to use when communicating with Hansoft support. Simply send your question or error message to [email protected].You will immediately receive an email letting you know your request has reached our systems. You will hear back from Hansoft Tech Support as soon as they have reviewed your case. In most cases you will hear back from someone in thirty minutes or less.

Web Form

Theweb formis another channel to use when opening support tickets, fill out the relevant information in the provided fields, select Hansoft as the product and submit your case. You will immediately receive an email letting you know your request has reached our systems. You will hear back from Hansoft Tech Support as soon as they have reviewed your case. In most cases you will hear back from someone in thirty minutes or less.

Community Portal

TheCommunity Portal is utilized to search, review and comment on cases with the Hansoft Support Team.


Hansoft Support representatives are available 8am-5pm by calling the following locations closest to your geographic area:

North America

8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. ET
+ (513) 276-4085


8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. UK
+44 (0) 1189 771020


9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. AET

+61 (2) 9054-3712

What times of the day is support available?

Hansoft support engineers are on duty 8am–5pm M-F. Hansoft Support has staff in offices around the globe (US East Coast, UK, and Australia).

How can I get support after hours and on weekends?

Hansoft does not offer after-hours or weekend support.

How can I escalate my case?

To escalate a case, as a customer just mention you would like the case escalated. When this occurs the support manager is added to the case as well as all other required parties.

Can I view my open cases?

You may review all your open cases on the Community Portal. You may also use the Case Portal to open new cases or communicate with the Hansoft Support Team about open cases.

What are the different case severity levels?
Severity 1
Software is not Operational and end users cannot access the Software, or the functionality is significantly decreased, or back up or other security of data can no longer be performed.  Service will not start, database is corrupt, failed upgrade or installation.Service availability is restored 
Severity 2
Software is Operational, (i) functional limitations or restrictions have materially impacted Licensee’s operations, (ii) non-essential functions were disabled in production, or (iii) essential non-production functions were disabled.Unable to log into client.
License issues
Client>server connection issues
Issue is resolved, satisfactory workaround is provided; fix incorporated into future release
Severity 3
The Software is Operational with functional limitations or restrictions that are not critical to the overall operation of the Software or do not materially impact Licensee’s Perforce Software Support operations. Unable to add a user, issues with sending email. Errors with reporting.Satisfactory resolution or workaround is provided; fix incorporated into future release 
Severity 4
Software is Operational with problems or errors that have minor impact on operation of the Software or on Licensee’s operations.The documentation is incorrect. Basic “How do I...?” Feature requestsA solution is provided; fix incorporated into future release 
What service level objectives are in place?
SeverityResponse TimeResolution
Severity 1
30 minPriority 1 Issues shall require continuous effort until functionality is restored either via an operational workaround or full resolution of the issue is achieved by Perforce.
Severity 2
30 minPriority 2 issues will be worked on during business hours until full resolution or workaround is achieved. Fixed in future release.
Severity 3
30 minFuture release
Severity 4
30 minFuture release
How do I obtain my software?

Hansoft product downloads are locatedhere. Select Hansoft from the menu on the left.

How do I obtain my licenses?

A Hansoft Account Manager will provide you with your product licenses.

What releases of the software are supported?

Hansoft supports the latest version. New bug fixes and features are added to the next release. Prior releases are never patched.

What training is available?

Hansoft Training Offerings – We have aset of classesthat are taught by our Professional Services team. Contact Sales to explore the options that work best for you.

Getting started with Hansoft is an online guide to using Hansoft. Whether you are doing manual or automated testing, the guide will walk you through the first steps of using Hansoft.

Is there self-help available?

Hansoft Knowledge Base & Documentation– The KB is your first stop for advanced problem solving and ‘how to’ questions. We are always updating it. Checking the KB before opening a new case may result in a faster resolution of your problems.

Hansoft Release Notes – New features and changes in functionality are announced in our release notes. Feel free to ask a support engineer about anything you read in the Release Notes.

How do I get help beyond Hansoft support?

Sometimes your problem will be traced to issues with software that is not under the control of Hansoft (e.g., open-source software and networking.)OpenLogic is a Perforce company that provides support for open-source software. Contact Sales to see if OpenLogic can help you with non-Hansoft problems.