Helix TeamHub is the Git code management solution from Perforce. It provides self-service project administration that enhances your team’s collaboration. It has code review, wikis, and Kanban boards all with a modern web UI. And it can integrate into your CI/CD workflow using your favorite build runners.

In this video, we’ll look at how to get your code into Helix TeamHub,

When you log in, you’ll see a dashboard with all your projects and activities.

Now we’ll start making a new project.

For this demo, we will call our project Basic, and enter a description.  Then click create project.

Next, we need to choose repositories.

We’re going to create a new repo for the project.

Git is the default. We are going to call this repo Basic.

Here, Helix TeamHub is giving us a couple of step-by-step options on how to populate our repo.

Using the commandline, we can make a new folder for the repo we intend to create on our local machine. Then CD into the repo folder.

Now we can create a readme file.

Next, use the git add command to add the readme file to the local repo.

Initialize the local Git repo and commit with a message.

Use the git remote add origin command and paste the URL of your repo. This connects the local repo to the Helix TeamHub server.

Next, use git push to send the readme file to the repo. In Helix TeamHub, refresh the branch view to see the newly created readme file. It’s now in the Basic repo’s master branch.

Now you can head back to the commandline to start making changes to the branch.

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