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Full Video Transcript 

The 2018.1 release of Helix TeamHub adds Docker container registries to its list of multi-repo support. In this video, I’ll show you how to create and manage a Docker registry in Helix TeamHub. 

To begin, I will log in to Helix TeamHub and create a new project. 

Next, I’m going to create a repository and will choose Docker from the dropdown menu. Now, I will name my new Docker registry.

Helix TeamHub provides instructions on how to use the new Docker registry which I will access from the command line on my MacBook Pro.

It’s best practice to cut and paste the commands, which even include the URLs for my registry.

The first thing I do from the command line is log in to the newly created registry using my Helix TeamHub username and password.

I have a Docker image named ‘busybox’ saved to my computer that I would like to add to the Docker registry in Helix TeamHub.

To tag the image for inclusion in the Docker registry, I will simply copy the command from TeamHub and change image to ‘busybox’ on the command line and then press enter.

Now, I will push this container image to my new registry by copying the command from Helix TeamHub.

Notice I see a success message from Docker after I enter the command.

Now, let’s access the repo in TeamHub. As you can see, the latest version of my image is safely stored in the registry that I created called “busybox.”

When I want to pull down the container image from my repo, all I have to do is copy the command to the clipboard and paste it into my terminal window and the container is on my machine.

We hope you found this brief tutorial beneficial and understand how to create and manage a Docker container registry in Helix TeamHub.

For additional information, please access the TeamHub online help. If you have any specific technical questions, please contact [email protected].