Helix TeamHub is the Git code management solution from Perforce. It provides self-service project administration that enhances team collaboration. The provides code review, wikis, and Kanban boards all with a modern web UI. And it can integration into your CI/CD workflow using your favorite build runners.

Helix TeamHub has some unique features for managing development projects and teams.

For example, you can have more than one repo, and more than one type of repo, in a project. Git, SVN, and Mercurial are all supported inside a project.

With permission, a user can create their own new project.

We can see that this repo is called project admin demo.

Once the project is created, we can invite team members to collaborate.

Click add user and then select a person and assign them a role.

We are choosing developer, but there are six different roles available.

We can also add collaborators outside the organization, like contract developers or customers.

Collaborators can:

  • See only the projects in which they have a direct role.
  • Cannot see any company scope data.
  • Hold a GuestDeveloper, or Master role in projects.

If you have a lot of developers, you can put them in groups within the project, like Dev or QA.

And there are bots available. These are used for automation and don’t consume a seat license.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for self-service project administration in Helix Teamhub. Try it free today.



Course - Getting Started with Helix TeamHub