September 17, 2014

2014 Versionary Awards: And the Winners are…

MERGE User Conference

The Perforce Versionary Awards recognize the innovative work our customers do using Perforce. At this year's MERGE conference, we showcased 17 customers across 13 categories of versioning excellence.

We heard about Batman and adidas shoes living in Perforce (winners of the most unusual file category), companies with 91 percent of employees using Perforce (NVIDIA), and teams of thousands of developers practicing Continuous Delivery (NetApp and Microsoft Mobile), among others.

You can learn more about each category and the winning entry on the 2014 Versionary Awards page.

The 2014 winners are:

  • Best Adoption of Continuous Delivery Systems: Microsoft Mobile and NetApp
  • Best Globalization: Bally Technologies and Barclays PLC
  • Best Versioning of Everything for Everyone: NVIDIA
  • Best Use of Perforce by DevOps Teams: MathWorks
  • Most Unusual File Stored in Perforce: adidas and WB Games
  • Most Innovative Application of Perforce: Time Warner Cable and Boeing/Jeppesen
  • Best Perforce Product Developed by Customer: Trend Micro
  • Best Use of Open Source with Perforce: Infinera
  • Best Use of Perforce for Auditing and Compliance: EMC
  • Perforce World Records: Biggest File: Nuance
  • Perforce World Records: Most CI/CD Transactions: EA
  • Perforce World Records: Largest Single Depot: Qualcomm
  • Perforce World Records: Highest Number of Product Updates per Day: 22cans

Congratulations again to all the winners and our sincerest thanks to the 500 entrants who submitted their companies for the Awards.