May 6, 2010

The Agile in Action Road Show


Hey! Want to learn more about how to keep SCM flexible in an Agile workflow!? If so, join me and my colleague Michael Alessio in Toronto, Philadelphia, or Chicago.  We're gearing up for a serious road trip -- 3 cities in 3 days -- to promote Agile and tell how Perforce fits into the Agile world view.

Road Trips are much easier when you fly!

Agile methodologies rightly avoid overemphasis on process and tools. But process and tools have their place in Agile, and the adage "Use the right tool for the right job" applies as much as ever.  Perforce is a best-of-breed tool in the version management space, but not the only tool Agile team members keep in their tool kit.  Therefore, Perforce is partnering with other toolsmiths to tell a more comprehensive Agile story.  In this Agile in Action Road Show series, we're partnering with Electric Cloud, Klocwork, VersionOne, Tasktop, SQE, and others.  Come learn more about what they do, and how they help keep an Agile team on top of its game.

The Skinny:

  • Electric Cloud - Build Automation and more
  • Klocwork - Source Code Analysis Tools for Software Security & Quality, Peer Code Review, and more
  • VersionOne - Agile Project Management, Scrum, and Agile Development
  • Tasktop - Task-focused productivity software built on Eclipse Mylyn
  • SQE - Software Testing Conferences, Software Certification and Training

If you're into it, here are the registration details:

  • May 18 in Toronto
  • May 19 in Philadelphia
  • May 20 in Chicago

Registration is FREE for these events!