The Road to Compliance
September 1, 2021

How Automation Accelerates the Road to Compliance

Product Lifecycle Management

For companies working within regulated industries, achieving and maintaining compliance is critical to overall business success. Meeting the requisite compliance standards ensures the product’s quality and safety, which can have life-saving implications. 

With such high stakes, the road to compliance is an all-important one. Until a product is deemed compliant, it can’t generate revenue. So how can your organization accelerate the road to compliance? By taking advantage of the benefits of automation in a lifecycle management tool like Helix ALM.

Here are four reasons how a lifecycle management tool can accelerate your road to compliance.

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Time Savings Courtesy of Automation

To eventually verify compliance, you’ll need to track all of the various actions in your workflow that relate to it. If you’re manually tracking these actions, you’re wasting a tremendous amount of time. Capturing data, sharing data, notifying other team members, escalating items —the list goes on and on.

With a lifecycle management tool automating the tracking of activities and actions, you’re able to spend that time more efficiently. Better yet, an automated tool eliminates the possibility of human error, so you’ll never have to worry about misplaced or inaccurate data.

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Compliance Traceability 

Compliance and traceability go hand-in-hand. Compliance demands that every relationship and artifact change can be traced back to its original requirement. Anyone who’s had the laborious task of manually tracing every relationship and artifact change all the way back to the original requirement can attest to how painstaking and risky it can be. Why devote valuable time and create the vulnerability of user error?

By automating your traceability with a lifecycle management tool like Helix ALM, you’ll greatly increase your time to market and mitigate your potential for risk. Additionally, you’ll get the added benefit of greater visibility across your teams.

Learn more about Traceability in Our On-Demand Video Series

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Configure Workflow to Your Specific Compliance Needs

Getting your product to market faster depends on being able to configure your workflow to the unique challenges of your organization. Tools that have a one-size-fits all templated approach won’t allow you to customize your workflow to comply with the specific standards your product faces, as well as configuring each stage of development to your team’s size and methodology. 

Helix ALM offers development teams the ability to configure their workflows to fit their every need. Workflow states, events, and transitions are all configurable and will be tracked in real-time to ensure ultimate traceability. 

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Compliance Management

Getting your product through compliance is a high priority for organizations in regulated industries, but the job isn’t finished once you get through this vital stage. That is where compliance management enters the equation.

Compliance management is a process by which regulatory compliance is met, but it also includes maintaining compliance. Compliance management includes planning, organizing, documenting, controlling, auditing, and enforcing activities that ensure compliance.

Speed Up Your Road to Compliance with Helix ALM

Helix ALM can automate all of the laborious, manual tasks your team is committing valuable time to — without sacrificing traceability. Learn more about how Helix ALM can accelerate the road to compliance for companies in regulated industries by watching our demo.

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