March 17, 2015

Beer and Product Development: 11 Great Pairings

Helix ALM

beer1 ***!!!DISCLAIMER!!!***

Please note drinking of any kind while working is in direct contradiction to many company's employee manuals. Please refrain from drinking while working, or at least hide it well. This blog article was meant purely in jest and should not be taken seriously. In fact I recommend you never drink, ever.

TestTrack Pairings

In recent years, drinking beer has become as common and sophisticated as drinking wine. There are microbreweries popping up all over the place. The influx of beer lovers, beer aficionados, and beer experts has led to an influx of beer styles. Along with different styles has come different pairings of these styles with meals. For example, one might like a hearty Porter with barbecued meat or a hoppy IPA with a spicy curry. All of this talk makes me think, "What beers go well with TestTrack and product development?" I’ve compiled a list of common beer styles and common product release tasks below. While I do enjoy a good beer and I’ve even brewed a few of my own, I do not consider myself an expert nor do I see myself as the definitive authority on these pairings. beer2
BeerSeapine ActivityPairing Notes
American LagerKeeping track of defect counts (did I mention I recently found my 1000th defect?)American Lagers are often valued for quantity over quality. Oddly enough, this is my least favorite beer style.
IPADeveloper TestingThe hoppy aroma will have you hopping in your seat while testing new features!
Brown AleSales MeetingBrown ales have been often considered the 'sweet  teas' of beer. Great for keeping focus on the goals while allowing one to relax, just a little.
WitBierCompany MeetingThe smooth taste of a wheat beer goes nicely with a company meeting, to discuss the future. Add a slice of orange, and this may help one think of important questions to ask.
Belgian Style AleMarketing MeetingsWikipedia says: Beer in Belgium varies from pale lager to lambic beer and Flemish red. Is it a mere coincidence that the majority of people on Seapine's Finance and Marketing teams have red or light-colored hair (blonde or graying)?  I think not.
DopplebockExecuting Automated TestsThese beers tend to be higher in alcohol, so it's probably best not to work much when drinking. Sit back, pop open a dopplebock, and let automation do your work for you!
Coffee StoutWriting Functional DesignsStouts often have a roasted or coffee-like taste. It's said that you should drink beer for good ideas and coffee to get them done. Stout seems relevant as a segue to coffee and code.
Scottish AleTest Case WritingTest case writing is a gritty process that often involves writing functional steps for scenarios that do not yet exist. The mix between heavy and light beers provides the perfect balance needed to tackle this task!
PorterDefect TriageYou need a good strong beer to get through this, even on the best of days.
Irish Red AleBlog Post WritingHonestly, how do you think I came up with this post idea? Great things happen with Irish red ales!
English BitterRelease RetrospectiveIt's strong, doesn't pull punches and really helps give one a great perspective on life, much like a release retrospective.
So, how about you? What is your favorite beer for daily tasks? This might be a great topic to bring up with your manager at a yearly review. As always, enjoy! Cheers!