March 26, 2013

Best Place for Your Files: Commons Document Collaboration from Perforce

Version Control

perforce commons logoWhat if you could take the power of Perforce and integrate it to with interface that anyone can master in minutes? What if that interface incorporated the collaboration features that you know from social software? What if it applied our expertise for versioning to common business collaboration—like working on Word or PowerPoint?

With the new release of Commons, our easy-to-use document collaboration tool, you get all that and much more.

Commons is the best place for your files. Because the Perforce engine is under the hood, Commons provides complete versioning of any file type and supports large binary files—just like our Software Version Management solution.

Commons gives you a lot more than a place to store and version files. It’s a collaboration platform that provides…

  • Easy file sharing and persistent file links for integration with your existing systems
  • Interactive conversations and activity streams so that you can easily communicate with others
  • The ability to "follow" a file or folder and receive a notification whenever something happens
  • @mentions—popularized by services such as Twitter—and the ability to follow specific files so that you get alerts when something important happens or someone wants to get your attention
  • Comments and activity streams stored permanently in the file history, meaning that this information effectively becomes metadata for the file

Commons is a great way to open up your Perforce depot to non-technical staff. You can deploy Commons right alongside your existing Perforce architecture. We think it’s going to become the go-to file repository for many organizations. That’s why we built it to be turnkey for new users as well.

The newest version of Commons, Commons 13.1, is now available. Read more about it or try it for fee today!