July 16, 2014

A Controlled Swarm: New Swarm Release Gives Users More Control

Helix Swarm

A controlled swarm is not an oxymoron. In nature, swarms have a collective intelligence that enables them to perform the task at hand without the members interfering with each other. While a swarm looks quite impressive from the outside, the members are in constant control.

We’ve spent the past couple of months designing and developing several features into the 2014.2 Perforce Swarm release which give users more control.

Project Owners

When defining project owners, you can also restrict project editing to a select list of users. Users with Perforce Admin-level rights will also be able to edit projects.

Branch Moderators

Some organizations have branch gatekeepers who are responsible for what makes it into their codeline and when. For this use case, Swarm’s new Branch Moderator feature lets moderators define who has the right to approve or reject a review. Moderators can be turned on during a project’s critical phase and disabled when the release is starting, or turned off entirely on branches without a strict policy for reviews.

We recommend using both the Branch Moderator and the Project Owner features together if you need to ensure that only project owners can remove moderators.

Limiting Project Creation

Swarm Admins can now limit project creation to Perforce Admin-level users. To do so, simply add or update the following configuration block in the data/config.php file at the same level as the p4 entry:

        'add_project_admin_only' => true,

More Control

Another notable enhancement is Swarm now limits changing the review state to a project’s members. And wrapping up the access model enhancements is the Required Reviewers feature which you can read about in my previous post Developers are Kings and Queens, Reviewers are Stars or in Swarm’s online documentation.

Upgrade to Swarm 2014.2 to enjoy these new features and usability enhancements including: file attachments via drag-n-drop upload, a unified horizontal scroll bar, and commit credit to the review authors.